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"Y’know, that story is sorta funny the 300th time hearing it, Damian."
―Addison speaking with Damian (Chapter 3, Book 1)

Addison Woods is one of the main characters in Zoophobia. As an apparent Fox shapeshifter, he was most likely found and/or adopted by his mother, Latika.


Addison is a relatively short albino teenager with shoulder-length blonde hair. His eyes are light green and his sclera is white. He wears a green sweater and dark green pants. He also has green, striped fingerless gloves and a scarf. He has a long, blonde tail due to being a failed experiment.


He likes to be alone and spends most of his time working at the Art Wing of Zoo Phoenix Academy. He does not open up to others often and sometimes hides an air of elitism. His best friends are Damian and Sahara. He is your typical introvert.


The Main Five

Like his friend Damian, Addison isn't close to the Main Five; however unlike Damian, Addison is willing to congratulate The Main Five should they do something that genuinely impresses him.; such as when he gave Jack and Zill a score of 10 after they won the dodge ball game.


In the past, Addison had a short relationship with Tom. But Addison broke up with Tom and left him with a broken heart. Tom has tried several times to reunite with Addison but all his attempts were in vain; This will lead to Addison getting to the point of finally ending with Tom forever by starting dating Gustav. This will provoke in Tom a resentment towards Addison and a great contempt towards his new rival in love; Gustav.


Damian has always been linked to Addison. The two consider themselves best friends of each other and meet every day at school and spend very quiet days together. The two have a strong relationship, but it happens that Damian feels a real and raw jealousy for Addison's new boyfriend.


Rusty doesn't like Addison. In fact, Rusty often enjoys bullying Addison and just like with Zill; mock Addison's appearance. But unlike Zill, Addison does not get carried away by emotions and will face Rusty in words face to face.



  • He has often been mistaken by fans for being a girl due to his unisex name and appearance.
  • Like Mackenzie, he was also brought up in a foster home.
  • Vivienne stated that he could be named Addison or Sebastian. A friend of Vivienne suggested the name Addison.
  • According to an old artwork of him, he was originally going to have the ability to shapeshift into a fennec fox.
  • He was apparently meant to have some kind of split personas like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with one being evil and the other good (possibly named "Adder") [1]
  • Adder seems to have 2 normal-ish eyes and one eye on his forehead, much like Xanthos, he also seemed to be wearing some kind of dark green trench coat.
  • His birthday is the 15th of February.
  • Addison has many animal-like features such as a tail, the ability to sense when a storm is coming, and he can purr.
  • Addison was originally meant to have a twin sister named "Veronika".
  • In the drawing of the relationship tree and other drawings it is confirmed that Addison has a crush on Zill's tail and that he feels a certain sensitivity and esteem towards Jack, just as in the drawing it is confirmed that Addison sees Jack as a model to follow.