Alanzo Valdez
Character Information
Book Debut Book 1 Chapter 1
Nickname Al
Personality upbeat
Appearance A red-and-blue haired male avian.
Occupation Dance teacher at Zoo Phoenix Academy
Alignment Good
Goal Unknown
Home Safe Haven
Likes Accordions, polka music, dancing
Dislikes Unknown
Allies Cameron
Jackie (wife)
Kess (sister-in-law)
Kestrel (nephew) Damian (Friend)
Enemies Unknown
Biological Information
Age 37
Species Avian
Gender Male
Abilities Shapeshifting into a red macaw.

Alanzo Valdez is the dance teacher of ZPA. He is happily married to his wife Jackie.


Alanzo has tan skin, red hair with blue and white highlights. His eyes are yellow, and he has also one golden tooth. Wears blue-striped red shirt and red-striped blue pants. His bowtie is yellow with red and blue dots.


Alanzo is very upbeat and cheerful character. Often acts silly. Cares a lot about his closest friend and relatives. Is very eccentric, and light-hearted. Despite his boundless sense of humor, his manner tends to come off as strange and abnormal to others.


Alanzo jackie wedding

Alanzo & Jackie on their wedding day.

Jackie - Alanzo is Jackie's husband. They're happily married. They're caring a lot about eachother.

Cameron - They're on good terms.


Trivia Edit

  • He was modeled after singer Weird Al Yankovic.
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