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Autumn is an anthropomorphic fawn. He's rather used to being mocked by Rusty. Autumn is selfless and spends most of his time and energy helping others with often little thanks as he has very little self-worth.


Autumn is a fawn with orange hair that extends to his deer-like ears. He has amber skin, brown trousers, and an orange shirt.

In the short Bad Luck Jack, he looks more like an anthropomorphic deer with a deer-like face, a tail and fur instead of bare skin (this may be due to his shapeshifting abilities). He has dark brown finger tips and the fur of his arms matches his original skin closely. He also appears to have had his legs shortened making him closer to to the height of the main five.



Autumn isn't afraid to stand up to Rusty and usually takes it upon himself to stop Rusty from bullying others. Upon seeing Rusty as a brute, Autumn refuses to call Rusty by his nickname, instead always calling him by his real yet hated name of Ruben. When Jack also stands up to Rusty and proceeds to remind Rusty that he has no friends plus calling him Ruben, Autumn finds the ordeal humorous and quietly snickers yet it is still heard by Rusty.

The Main Five

While Autumn never interacts with any of the Main Five's members directly, he is ready to stop Rusty from bullying any of them and personally found Jack's comeback to Rusty quite funny.


Autumn has three siblings, each of whom he has a certain relationship with:

  • Autumn and Winter like having snowball fights.
  • Autumn is just a brother to Summer. Sometimes, Summer embarrasses him.
  • Spring is Autumn's sister. They seem to like talking to each other.

Camilla is Autumn's Cousin. Despite leading very different life styles, they both care deeply for each other.