Character Information
Book Debut Book 1 Chapter 2
Nickname Unknown
Personality Unknown
Appearance An amber skinned teenage deer boy.
Occupation Student at Zoo Phoenix Academy
Alignment Good
Goal Unknown
Home Safe Haven
Likes children
Dislikes Being told he hasn't grown antlers yet.
Allies Addison
Camilla (cousin)
Enemies Rusty
Biological Information
Age 17
Species Deer Man
Gender Male
Abilities Able to transform into a deer and has nature powers.

Autumn is an anthropomorphic fawn. He's rather used to being mocked by Rusty. Autumn is selfless and spends most of his time and energy helping others with often little thanks as he has very little self-worth.

Appearance Edit

Autumn is a fawn with orange hair that extends to his deer-like ears. He has amber skin, brown trousers, and an orange shirt.

Relationships Edit

  • Autumn's relationship with Rusty is a pretty odd one. Autumn is usually trying to stop Rusty from causing too much trouble in Zoo Phoenix Academy.
  • Autumn and Winter like having snowball fights.
  • Autumn is just a brother to Summer. Sometimes Summer embarrasses him.
  • Spring is Autumn's sister. They seem to like talking to each other.


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