• Pikachueviaseedling

    Addison - the cutest bean ever's name.
    Adorable - what Addison is.
    Affectionate - how Addi behaves towards certain people.
    Bean - Addison's species.
    Beep - probably a noise Addison makes.
    Boop - what everyone wants to do to Addison's nose.                                                                                                      Bork - another noise he should make.
    Cat - the name of one of the animals Addison is mixed with.
    Cute - the only possible way to describe Addison.
    Doofus - what Addison is when it comes to guys.
    Fabulous - Addison's hair is this exact word.
    Floof- ADDISON'S TAIL!!!!
    Fluffy - Again, Addison's tail..
    Fox - another animal Addison is mixed with.
    Gay - Addison's sexuality.
    Green - Addison's colour scheme.
    Grape - he looks li…

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  • Pikachueviaseedling


    February 18, 2019 by Pikachueviaseedling

    So I'm dubbed the Addison fangirl.... Yep. On all my social media i've either been called "Addison fangirl" or "Addison lover" XD

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  • Coolkitty849


    March 15, 2016 by Coolkitty849

    I am going to make like a ton of edits to this wiki, and i am a new person at wiki and if anyone sees this and knows some answers, please answer some of  these questions

    How do i add a page into a catagoery ( like if i want to put the page Cameron in the Characters categoery )

    how do i make that box thing on the side

    Those are all of the questions i have for now but i might put more in the comments

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