• TMoalrecod

    I saw a shipping about Alastor and Kaycey being a couple and i saw a VivziePop short film call Timber and the character ears (Timber) remind me of Alastor ears and i imagine all three of them as a family.

    Kaycey and Alastor got married and they have a child and they name her Timber and she is Half demon and Half Deity and even though she haven't yet unleash both her demon or deity powers yet but she does have the same personality and the same appearnce from the short film and she does a few ways Alastor do things and what Kaycey do things.

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  • Pikachueviaseedling

    Addison - the cutest bean ever's name.
    Adorable - what Addison is.
    Affectionate - how Addi behaves towards certain people.
    Bean - Addison's species.
    Beep - probably a noise Addison makes.
    Boop - what everyone wants to do to Addison's nose.                                                                                                      Bork - another noise he should make.
    Cat - the name of one of the animals Addison is mixed with.
    Cute - the only possible way to describe Addison.
    Doofus - what Addison is when it comes to guys.
    Fabulous - Addison's hair is this exact word.
    Floof- ADDISON'S TAIL!!!!
    Fluffy - Again, Addison's tail..
    Fox - another animal Addison is mixed with.
    Gay - Addison's sexuality.
    Green - Addison's colour scheme.
    Grape - he looks li…

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  • Pikachueviaseedling


    February 18, 2019 by Pikachueviaseedling

    So I'm dubbed the Addison fangirl.... Yep. On all my social media i've either been called "Addison fangirl" or "Addison lover" XD

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  • Coolkitty849


    March 15, 2016 by Coolkitty849

    I am going to make like a ton of edits to this wiki, and i am a new person at wiki and if anyone sees this and knows some answers, please answer some of  these questions

    How do i add a page into a catagoery ( like if i want to put the page Cameron in the Characters categoery )

    how do i make that box thing on the side

    Those are all of the questions i have for now but i might put more in the comments

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