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This is the first entry of the Zoophobia story.

Original Comic Plot Edit

The following is the full summary of Vivziepop‘s first version of her comic that was published from 2012 to March 2016.

Chapter 1Edit

First Page

Cameron consults with her therapist.

The story begins with Cameron seeing her therapist, Mrs. Winkler about having a recurring dream she would have from time to time. Mrs. Winkler believes that the dream may have to do stress, as Cameron's upcoming job assignment is scheduled later today. Cameron cites that as a maybe, but informs Ms. Winkler she hasn't had the dream in question for a while. She then tells Ms. Winkler that the dream would be the same type of dream that brings back memories of a past she did not specify. Cameron knows she has been stressed out lately, but she wouldn't have dreamed that dream out of the blue. Ms. Winkler was about to give Cameron her opinion of what the dream might mean until Cameron glances at the clock and realizes she is going to be late for her job assignment. She cuts the appointment short by thanking Ms. Winkler for listening to her and says her goodbye to her therapist as she grabs her purse dashes outside of the building where it is pouring down rain. Cameron immediately calls out for a taxi to head to her job assignment appointment.

Cameron kaycey

Cameron meeting Kaycey

Soon after Cameron left her therapist, she arrives at the office of Ms. Kaycey for her job assignment. Ms. Kaycey's receptionist informed her via the intercom that her 12 o'clock client has arrived late, in which Ms. Kaycey calmly asks for Cameron to come in. Cameron comes into Ms. Kaycey's office with wet hair and drench clothes because she did not bother to bring an umbrella along her trip. She frantically told Ms. Kaycey that she is sorry for being late, that she lost track of time, and the rain slowed her down. Ms. Kaycey however is not at all mad and calmly tells Cameron that it is alright and to have a seat. She starts to inform Cameron about the job program she enrolled in. As Cameron settles into her seat, she gets an uneasy feeling upon getting a good look at Ms. Kaycey. Cameron isn't sure what it is, she felt like she had seen Ms. Kaycey before, but is sure this is the first time she ever met her. She then asked Ms. Kaycey if they met some where before. Ms. Kaycey quickly said "yes", and then something cause Cameron to forget the question after staring into Ms. Kaycey's eyes. Ms. Kaycey continues by informing Cameron that she looked over her resume and report and broke the news to her that she couldn't find any open positions within the city limits. Cameron immediately panicked and begged Ms. Kaycey to give her a job as she waited for a long time to get an appointment for a job assignment. Ms. Kaycey without saying anything looks at the list of job openings again and glances at a position listed for guidance counseling. She asked Cameron if she has a degree in counseling, in which Cameron immediately said yes. But when Cameron said she will accept the position, Ms. Kaycey told her it's a transfer position which requires relocation upon accepting the job. Cameron didn't care if she has to move to another city as long as she gets the position. Ms. Kaycey looking surprised that Cameron did not question about the name or location of the job, then informs her that a private jet will transport her to her new job on Thurday at 9 am. She adviced Cameron to pack everything for her trip. Cameron then thrust herself to Ms. Kaycey with a big hug and happily thanked her for finding a job. Ms. Kaycey who doesn't show the same enthusiasm told Cameron not to be late for her flight. Cameron then lets go of Ms. Kaycey and promised her she won't be late for the flight and exits the office and thanks Ms. Kaycey again before closing the office door. After Cameron leaves, Ms. Kaycey starts to laugh and says to herself "No, Ms. Cameron; Thank you!" and she then reverts her true self as a shapeshifting deity who appears to be happy that Cameron accepted her job to a place that Cameron will find out for herself.

Snakes plane

Cameron heads to parts unknown.

On the day of her flight to her new home & job, Cameron arrives at the air field where the private plane to transport her is located. She then met the pilot of the plane who was seen in front of plane taking a smoke break. The pilot is a slender woman with long green hair and a greenish skin tone. Cameron tries to start a conversation with the aviator by informing her it's the first time she's been on a private jet, only for the pilot to correct her that it's a plane not a jet. When Cameron askes for the pilot's name, she says her name is Snake. Cameron found Snake's name to be interesting and asked if the name had any meaning to it, as she didn't believe a parent would name their own child “Snake”. Snake however isn't in the mood to chat and tells her passenger to save the talk for later and that she doesn't want to fly the plane with a headache. Cameron apologized for the questions and told Snake that she’s only anxious about moving to a new home. Snake extinguished her cigarette and boarded the plane with her passenger, advising her to keep it down upon starting the plane engine. As the plane departs from the air field, Cameron takes a last look at her hometown through the plane window. Wondering to herself if the choice of moving to a new home just for a job was a good idea. But she does agree that there is no turning back.

Oceonica forrest

The Oceonica Forrest

Hours have passed and Cameron upon looking through her window could only see nothing but an endless forest as far as the eye could see. Cameron had no idea the forest region near her hometown was this big, and mentions all of this aloud so that way Snake could hear her. Snake sarcastically told her that it’s called the Oceonica Forest, for its massive size and reminded Cameron about reframing from talking. Cameron then heard a loud “honk” from outside. Upon looking through her window she sees a giant four eyed, blue bird flying by the plane. She calls out Snake’s name and dashes into the cockpit to clutch herself towards Snake for protection. Cameron informs her pilot that she spotted a huge bird outside the plane. Snake holding back her temper faintly says “what?”. Cameron retold her that it was a giant bird, and shivers in fear that they are about to be attacked. Snake however orders her passenger to go back to her seat without an acknowledgement of Cameron’s claim of seeing a giant bird. Cameron dashs back to her seat and glances outside the window only to find out her giant bird is no where in site. Cameron concluded that her imagination got the better of her, and resumed her seating position. As day comes to dusk, and dusk comes to night, Cameron fell right to sleep.


The following morning Cameron wakes up and realized that the plane was no longer airborne. She calls out for Snake, but after no response she heads for the cockpit only to find it completely vacant. Cameron was at a loss on why Snake would leave her alone on the plane without waking her up. Cameron assumes she arrived at her destination, but has an uneasy feeling that something is wrong. She carefully approached the plane door to open it, fearful of what she’ll see outside. Cameron hopes the place she landed is the place for her new job, otherwise she fears it might be a hostile place. Slowly sliding the door, Cameron was then greeted with a loud yet friendly “Surprise!”. But the crowd that is welcoming her wasn’t a group of humans. Instead Cameron was welcomed by a colorful group of anthropomorphic animals, demons, & monsters. Cameron was speechless after meeting the welcoming group, her vision starts to distort as according to her the creatures right before her could not possibly exist. Still speechless, she is approached by most of the creatures who each greet her including a giant red serpent, an elderly tortoise, a cowgirl demon, a flirting fox, & a visually impaired anthropomorphic lizard. Each creature greeting her, just makes her more scared and petrified with in each second. After being greeted by the creatures, Cameron was dead silent until she gives out a skin curling shriek. She moves away from the group of creatures telling them to stay back in a frantic and nervous way. The creatures were confused on the way Cameron was acting towards them. She continues to warn them to stay back while she keeps walking a few steps backwards fearing the so called welcoming group is planning to either eat her or kill her. The red serpent tries to calm her, but Cameron distracts them by pretending that there is something behind them, in which she jolts away from her welcoming party. She runs like her life depended on it, only to discover that she is on an elevated flight path and has no more road to run on. She quickly stops at the end of the path, only to be shock to find herself gazing upon the landscape of a city like no other. Giant creatures, vast vegetation, and crowds of anthropomorphic animals were all witness by Cameron as far as she can see. This city Cameron is in is something straight out of a fairy tale, and Cameron was too surprised and awestruck to accept the whole thing as real. She ponders if the whole situation was no more than a dream, only to notice that something furry was behind her. She glances towards the sky only to discover a giant cheetah is looming over her. The cheetah calmly asked Cameron if anything is the matter. After being asked a simple question, Cameron fainted in front of the large cheetah.

When Cameron regained consciousness, she finds herself lying on a medical bed in what looks like a medical ward. She wasn't alone as she was greeted by the most normal looking human she has seen in a while, a blonde haired man who asked her if she's ok. She soon learns from the man that she is in the nurse's office and Cameron then believed what happened earlier to her being in a fantasy like city, encountering a giant leopard and a group of colorful creatures was just some crazy dream. She felt at ease, as she tries telling this to the man only to notice that he's taking out a power drill from a drawer. The man then turns around and became a completely different person than he was a moment ago as he developed a crazy look in his eyes. He's holding the power drill in one hand and the other hand he is holding a plushie whom he named Willis. The man claims Willis told him that Cameron needs a checkup, and he praises Willis for being so smart. The man starts triggering the drill that continues to buzz, Cameron scared out of her wits runs past the loony in hopes of saving her own life before being mutilated by some madman. She opens the door only to encounter the same large cheetah she encountered earlier. The cheetah asked her if she's feeling better, only for Cameron to give a "no" in a hesitant response. Apparently her whole situation of being greeted by a group of anthropomorphic animals wasn't a dream, yet Cameron still denies all of this and tries to "wake" herself out of her dream. She closes her eyes while chatting "wake up" to herself. While the blonde man with the power drill repeats what she says in his own insane manner. Cameron opens her eyes again, turns around and still sees the large cheetah who asked her if she was done with herself. Cameron gave up and asked the cheetah on what is going on. The cheetah was about to ask her if she was informed, only to be interrupted by her when she snap at him for being asked such as question. She demands to know what she was meant to be informed about. The cheetah finishes his question by asking her if she was informed about her destination prior to her trip. Only for Cameron to innocently ask the cheetah where she is right now. The cheetah realises that Cameron clearly wasn't informed about the location of her destination, he turns around and tells Cameron to follow him. Cameron notices the crazed blonde guy is asleep, and knows she's better off being with the cheetah than remaining at the nurse's office to be a murdered victim. So she complies with the large cat.

Cameron follows the large cat down the hallway, she hesitantly asked him if he really is a giant cheetah. The cheetah quickly responded yes, Cameron then let's him know she was only wondering in case she might of upset him. They continue to walk down the hallway and enter the cheetah's office where another anthropomorphic creature is present. A squid like man with a tea set was seen sitting on the desk next to the cheetah's desk. The cheetah was about to sit in his chair while informing Cameron to take a seat on the chair in the center of the room. Cameron settles herself on the seat and glances at the squidman who gives out a loud slurp. Cameron wasn't sure if he was trying to greet her and right when she was about to ask the cheetah, the cheetah informs her that the squidman is Principal Winston and assures her that he's harmless. But Cameron wasn't too sure about the cheetah's claim of Winston being harmless as the squidman clutchs his tea kettle like it was his most prized item. The cheetah continues by finally introducing himself as Zechariah and told Cameron that there seem to of been a mistake from the company that hired her for the job position. He asked her if she was hired for Guidance Counseling, in which Cameron said yes. Zechariah then informs Cameron that all humans who chose to be employed or live in the very world they are sitting in are all given strict details about the world and that its that human's choice whether he or she wants to live in that world. Zechariah told Cameron that whoever employed her for work did a dishonest job of not informing her about the world, and that once a human chooses to move to the world they are in, that human could never return to the world of humans again. This news made Cameron unsettled and asked Zechariah if she really is bound to live in the "crazy magical world of over sized talking animals" forever. Zechariah told her that the answer is yes, and corrects her that the world she's in is an interspecies community that is not made up of just animals. Cameron asked Zechariah what else exsists besides animals in the community, she asked if vampires roam this world, in which Zechariah said yes, she then asked if mermaids, demons, and ghost exsist in which Zechariah also says yes to, Cameron got scared after every response and asked if aliens exsist in which Zechariah informs Cameron that aliens don't exist. After asking Zechariah what exists and doesn't exists in the world she's in, Cameron asked in a frightful way where she is right now. Zechariah tells her she is at the Zoo Phoenix Academy, the school she'll be working for as guidance counselor. He then asked her if she'd like a tour of the establishment, in which Cameron said yes to. Zechariah then uses what looked like a wrist watch to Cameron, which is attached to his tail as opposed to his front legs. He uses it to call for someone named Jackie to come to his office. A voice came from the wrist comminucator with the response "Absolutly!" in a cheerful manner. Cameron approached Zechariah with a scared look and asked "Who's Jackie?" Only to soon find out when the door to the office was swung wide open.

In came a tan skin woman with a hairstyle that is a mix of the colors green, blue, and yellow, she was wearing a blue dress and has an energetic yet friendly attitude. It was Jackie, who makes a quick introduction of herself to Cameron by saying she's the drama instructor of Zoo Phoenix and has heard so much about Cameron and how she created a scene to the welcoming party at the flight deck. Cameron wasn't able to keep up with Jackie's conversation but is at least glad she's not nearly as crazy as the power drill maniac from the medical ward. Zechariah informs Jackie that Cameron is in need of a tour of the academy. Without giving it a thought, Jackie complies and escorts Cameron out for a stroll through the campus of the school she is now employed to. First they walk to the main lobby in which Jackie notes that all class subjects are branched out from where they are standing. Jackie assures Cameron that she'll love working at ZPA, but Cameron is still unable to accept her situation as a reality and not a dream. She asked Jackie if she's gone insane, Jackie however doesn't think Cameron is at all insane. Jackie directs Cameron to the doorway of her wing first which is the "Arts" wing. The hallway of the wing was dimly lite with red lights and the walls were decorated with posters and paintings on display. Jackie leads Cameron to a class room, where she calls out someone to meet Cameron. Once inside Cameron finds out it's a dance studio space that is currently in session lead by an eccentric looking man with fiery red hair, a red striped button shirt with a yellow tie, and what's more he's wearing a tutu like the girl students present before him. The man was apparently the instructor of the class, and right when he was about to give instructions to his pupils, he noticed Jackie and turns around with excitement. The instructor hugs Jackie and then greets himself to Cameron beside her and asked for her name. Cameron says her name and the instructor introduces himself as Alanzo, but insists that calling him by "Al" would be shorter. Cameron wasn't sure how to react to Alanzo, but ends up complimenting him that it was nice to meet him. Cameron asked what subject he teachs, in which he responses "dance" right before she finished her question. Jackie however cuts the conversation short by shoving Cameron out the door while telling Alanzo that they got to go to finish up the run of the school for Cameron. In exchange Alanzo compliments Jackie by telling her to do her thing. Cameron asked Jackie about her relationship with Alanzo in which Jackie kindly answered that Alanzo is her husband and they both work in the "Arts" wing. That answer alone explained to Cameron on why they were so close to one another. As Jackie continues to perform as Cameron's tour guide, they briefly visit the other classrooms of the "Arts" wing. This includes the art room where a class is in session of various students painting. The music room where the only occupants are a tuba playing crocodile, a saxophone playing cat, and a celloist porcupine. The film room where one group of students are observing a computer screen while another group is in front of a green screen, nearly being blown away by a giant fan. Cameron asked why would the students need a fan that big. In response, Jackie said that they must of gotten a bigger budget for their film. Cameron still asked why, and Jackie mentioned the class's last film project almost won at the festival. Jackie now leads Cameron to the theater in which Jackie calls it her domain.

The theater was big and well lite, and a group of teens were sitting idly by on stage. Cameron asked Jackie if they are Jackie's students. Jackie said yes and called them her little prodigies. After hearing this, Cameron notice something furry was grasp on her head. It was a small anthropomorphic fox who came to Cameron's field of vision once he landed on Cameron folded arms. They looked at one and another in close distance until the fox licked her on the cheek with his tongue and ran off. Cameron was dead silent and did not try to react to the whole situation after everything that has happened to her so far. Jackie greets her students in which they all respond to their instructor's name. The students are as followed a pale looking yet fashionable human like girl, a scruffy look anthropomorphic jackel, a shy yet quite girl with red curly messy hair, a yellow skinned creature with long ears that Cameron couldn't make out what he's intended to be, an anthropomorphic kangaroo girl, an African girl with purplish hair, a red anthropomorphic jackel wearing nothing but an oversized black shirt, a human like boy with red eyes, and a purple anthropomorphic cat reading a book. The yellow skin creature asked Jackie who her friend is. In which Jackie properly introduces her class to Cameron and that she's their new guidance counselor. The two jackel students exclaim with the words "Oh, good" upon hearing they now have a new guidance counselor to go to now. Cameron approachs the yellow skin creature, asking him kindly on what exactly he is. The student was about to say what he is, except he said "pass" as indication he doesn't know what he is while the scruffy jackel beside him snickered at the idea of someone asking his friend what he is.

Cameron backs away from the yellow skinned student only to notice someone is sniffing her back. Cameron expected it to be the fox who licked her earlier only to turn around and found it to be the red haired girl who was the one sniffing her back who is now hissing at Cameron in a cat like manner. Cameron is both confused and startled by the way the girl is reacting to her until another student approaches her from behind who comments that Cameron really got her work cut out. Cameron turns around to see it was the red jackel who is now floating in mid air. Cameron asked how he can float like that without a rope or any device that allows him to levitate. The jackel then explains to her that is because he's the anti-Christ, in which he brings out a flashlight and shines it from below his face while looking so scary that it caused Cameron to froze still. Jackie didn't like the way her student whose name is Damian was acting towards to Cameron, while the scruffy looking jackel told Damien to cut it out. Damian however was just introducing himself in his own demonic way. He gently floats back to the stage where the kangaroo student is sitting whose name is Kayla. Damian politely asked her to back him up, only for Kayla to run away from Damian the moment he got close to her. The scruffy jackel approaches Cameron who apologises to her for the way Damian scared her like that and introduces himself as Jack. He mentioned that Damian is his cousin and asked her that he'd like to schedule an appointment with her. Cameron found it so sudden to be asked by a student to be scheduled for guidance counseling. Jack apologized again and explained it's been a while since he was able to talk to someone about his problems. Right then, a ceiling light came falling down and smashed Jack's head right on the floor. It happened so fast that Cameron was shocked to see Jack whom she just met was lying on the floor lifeless with blood flowing. Yet the yellow skinned creature asked Jack if he's ok, but Cameron was too shocked to ask the student why he would think Jack would still be ok after being smashed to death by a ceiling lamp. Only to see Jack's arm lift up with his hand making an "A-OK" sign indicating he's fine. The yellow skinned student explained to Cameron that freak accidents happen to Jack all the time and he's able to survive the most fatale incidents. The boy with the red eyes informed Jackie that another ceiling light fell, in which Jackie kindly said she saw the whole thing happened to Jack. Then Jackie asked Cameron if she was interested in sticking around for the whole class session. Cameron with a disturb look kindly told Jackie she feels a little overwhelmed. Jackie understood her request and asked Vanexa(the purple cat) to escort Cameron to her office.

Vanexa walks pass Cameron without saying anything and heads out the theater door with Cameron catching up to her. Cameron followed the silent cat until, Vanexa lead her to the guidance couseling office. Cameron thanked Vanexa for her help, except Vanexa did nothing but stare at Cameron with her yellow eyes. Cameron then cleared her throat, and told Vanexa to have a good evening. Only to finally hear Vanexa break her silence by telling her new guidance counselor to enjoy her stay. Vanexa walked away in a mysterious manner, which weirded Cameron so much that she quickly went inside her office. Once inside, she finds the room normal enough, with already an assortment of furniture, a potted plant, her own name plaque, and a gift basket placed on the center of the office desk. It was a gift from the Zoo Phoenix Staff consisting of flowers and small toys. The card attach simply reads "Dear Cameron, Welcome to the Family! - Z.P. Staff" After reading the card, Zechariah came into her office without knocking and asked her how she is coping. Cameron got startled by Zechariah for not announcing himself when entering. She informed him not to sneak up on her like that in which Zechariah apologized for doing so. Cameron calmed herself by slowly sitting herself down on the floor with her back against the desk. Zechariah tells Cameron that he's aware that what's happen to her is a lot for her to handle, and calmly told her that the whole situation of her being stuck in an isolated world is something she'll need to get use to from now on. Cameron didn't respond, and Zechariah notice she was weeping. He tries a different approach by comforting Cameron with his furry face and told her that he's sorry for what has happened to her today. Cameron then hugs Zechariah and continues to cry, Zechariah not sure how to react, then comforts her with his tail, by padding it on her back like in the same manner as someone padding someone's back with their hand. He lets go of Cameron's grasp and tells her that there's something she may like to see. He leads her all the way to the roof access of the Academy. Cameron not sure what to expect, asked Zechariah what is she to find on a roof. Only to witness a school of flying aura fish flying across the night sky. Cameron found the creatures to be beautiful and asked Zechariah on how did he knew that Cameron liked fish. Cameron for the first time today doesn't feel scared and feels at ease as she gazes upon the aura fish from the rooftop. After witnessing the most amazing site of mystical giant fish, Cameron asked Zechariah on where in this vast world of interspecies creatures is she going to live. Unknown to Cameron, Kaycey the job specialist responsible for Cameron's arrival to the world of interspecies creatures is in the form of one of the aura fish spying on Cameron. She continues to blend in with the other fish and says to herself "And so it begins" to what she means to this statement is yet to be revealed.

Weeks have passed, and Cameron has already settled to her new home which is a two story house located in a suburban neighborhood. One day, a mail carrier comes to her residence and tries to deliver a package addressed to Cameron. The mail carrier was a four legged dragon like creature who uses a ricksaw to carry mail and packages for his mail route. He uses his tail to retrieve Cameron's package and walks up to her door. He knocks on the door, and Cameron answers the door armed with a baseball bat and only opens the door slightly while seeing who it is. The mail carrier informs Cameron, he has a package for her. Only for Cameron to shriek and wards off the mail carrier with the bat she was holding. The mail carrier not amused on the way Cameron reacted towards him as if he was a predator when he's only delivering the mail to her. He tries to tell her it's been two weeks since she moved into the neighborhood and should know who he is right about now. Only for Cameron to spray the mail carrier with a water hose. The mail carrier already fed up with the way Cameron was treating him leaves the package where it was and returns to his rickshaw while telling Cameron to have a nice day in a sour mood. Cameron realized that the mail carrier really was just delivering mail and was over reacting for no reason. She yells out to the mail carrier that she's sorry, but unfortunately it was already too late as the mail carrier already left and continues his mail route.

Chapter 2Edit

It was a new school day where Cameron accompanies Jackie at the ZPA theater where Zill(the unknown yellow creature) & Kayla were practicing their musical number on stage. After Jackie advices them to sing louder, they proceed with Kayla playing the piano while Zill sings with her. They were doing well, until they were interrupted by Damian who tries to swoo Kayla by complimenting that she sings like an angel. Kayla runs away with Damian frustrated that Kayla always runs away when ever he tries to sweet talk her. Zill not found of how Damian tries to hit on his girlfriend, adviced him not to try to steal away Kayla. Damian however acts coy and asked if it bothers Zill, with an immediate yes from Zill, only for Damian to walk away pretending to only know Spanish. Kayla crept back to Zill apologizing to him for being nervous everytime Damian gets close to her. Zill reassured Kayla that Damian is no competition towards him and gives her a kiss on the forehead. Damian watching the couple from across the stage couldn't stand the sight of them being together. Jack who is right beside Damian while tuning up a drum set, broke Damian with the news that he has zero chances of being Kayla's boyfriend and that she is scared of the sight of Damian as well. But Damian tells Jack that the reason Kayla won't go out with him is that religious girls are more of a challenge and that in the end they eventually give in to the temptation. Jack didn't say a word to that comment and just rolls his eyes. Jackie tells Kayla & Zill that they're doing great and asked Cameron what she thought of the act, and Cameron comments that they sound great to her a well. Jackie declares a break time for her students, after the curtain is drawn down she then asked Cameron if she is interested in helping her out with the yearly talent show. Cameron calmly agrees to Jackie's offer, and Jackie hugs Cameron after she said yes assuring her it'll be fun. She tells Cameron that normally each year, her husband Alanzo would be the one helping out, but admits that he's not good at organization. Cameron finds the offer to be good, and tells Jackie that it'll be great for her to bound with one of the fewest humans she's encountered ever since she moved to Safe Haven. After hearing the statement, Jackie chuckles and corrects Cameron that she's not human.

Cameron gave Jackie a weird look upon hearing her say she's not human. She then asked her what is she, if not human of all things. Jackie then cheerfully says that she's an Avian. The sound of that word alone disturbed Cameron upon hearing it. She informed her non-human friend that she doesn't know what that word means. Jackie thinks for a moment on how to describe what she is. She then asked her puzzled friend if she knows what shapeshifters are. Cameron does know what those are based on what she's read from fantasies.

Revised Comic Plot Edit

The following is the full summary of the rebooted Book 1.

Trivia Edit

  • According to original Book 1 cover, Cierra was meant to appear sometime after the unfinished Chapter 5.
  • The reason Vivziepop choose to not finish the original Book 1 was because in favor of a version with better art and story flow. She stated, she did not scripted out the plot upon first doing the comic.
  • Vivziepop regarded Chapter 5 of the original book 1, as the most sliced of life story of all of the chapters.
  • Camilla’s appearance on the original Book 1 cover, implies there might of been a chapter focused on her, or had her involved with the plot of a chapter.

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