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Character Information
Book Debut Book 1 Chapter 3
Nickname Unknown
Personality Dark, rather perverse, sometimes mischievous, flirty with some girls.
Appearance A grey haired teen with headphones, red trousers, and red and black checked shoes.
Occupation Unknown
Alignment Neutral
Goal Unknown
Home Hell
Likes Music
Dislikes Damian
Allies Unknown
Enemies Damian
Biological Information
Age 17
Species Avian
Gender Male
Abilities Shapeshifting

Bozzwick is a demonic teenager. He is an avian, meaning he can shapeshift into a bleeding heart pidgeon. Easily bored and blunt, he can also be very perverse, often causing awkward situations or toying with people’s emotional states.

General appearance Edit

Matching collar/necklace around the neck along with a set of headphones. He has red plaid boots and red pants to match, and a jumper. When he unfastens his jumper it shows his constantly bleeding chest and bandage around it.


  • Bozzwick has a spiteful relationship with Damian. Posing as his friend, he secretly enjoys making things hard for him or upsetting him.
  • Bozzwick seems to get on Styx's nerves alot.


Trivia Edit

  • Bozzwick was forced to be friends with Damian but secretly likes to make Damian's life harder.
  • Bozzwick is a bleeding heart pidgeon avian, which is why his chest is always bleeding.
  • Despite how painful it may look, Bozzwicks bleeding chest seems to cause him no problems at all, and it's almost as though he never notices it.
  • Judging by old art, Bozzwick seems to like his headphones a bit too much.
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