Cameron Walden
Character Information
Book Debut Book 1 Chapter 1
Nickname Cam
Ginger Snap
Personality Fearful, frantic, kind, & caring.
Appearance A freckled pink-cheek faced, golden brown haired, pale skin young woman.
Occupation Guidance Cousellor for the Zoo Phoenix Academy.
Alignment Good
Goal To put her skills in guidance counseling to use.
To find meaning to her recurring dreams.
To overcome her zoophobia.
Home Cameron's Hometown (formerly), Cameron's House, Safe Haven
Likes Fish, helping students with their problems.
Dislikes Being freaked out, monsters, her zoophobia getting the better of her
Allies Alanzo
Jackson Wells
Principal Winston
Unnamed Mother
Enemies Unknown
Biological Information
Age 25
Species Human
Gender Female
Abilities Degree in Guidance Counselling.

"As the first human to migrate to Safe Haven blind to its true nature, Cameron has an extreme case of “Zoophobia.” This fear of animals has made it rather difficult for her to integrate into an inter-species society. Cam is slowly accepting her fate as ZPA’s new guidance counselor, but only time will tell if she will be able to overcome her anxiety." -from the Zoophobia characters page

About Edit

Cameron is a young woman who only wants to get settled with a job.

Relationships Edit

Her Mom: She appeared to of had a good relationship with her mom, as indicated that she used to go camping with her as a kid.

Kaycey: Even though Cameron found Kaycey to be a mysterious woman, she regarded her as a lifesaver for landing her a job. But didn't know that Kaycey, in reality, is shapeshifing deity.

Trivia Edit

  • With her mom deceased, it’s a tremendous mystery if her father is alive as well. She could of been orphaned or estranged from her family, based on how she immediately accepted Kaycey’s recommendation of a guidence counseling job outside of her hometown without knowing the name of the location.
  • She may of gain her zoophobia sometime after childhood, as it be unlikely for someone with zoophobia to embark on camping trips.
  • Her surname Walden is of Saxon & German origin. Meaning she may have ancestry/ derived from German chromosomes.
  • It's unknown what became of the guidance counselor who preceded Cameron. This might be discussed in a future Zoophobia volume.
  • Despite having zoophobia, Cameron is able to be around the Safe Haven residents whom she is comfortable talking to. She does however still freak out from encountering newer individuals, friendly and hostile alike.
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