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"As the first human to migrate to Safe Haven blind to its true nature, Cameron has an extreme case of "Zoophobia." This fear of animals has made it rather difficult for her to integrate into an inter-species society. Cam is slowly accepting her fate as ZPA's new guidance counselor, but only time will tell if she will be able to overcome her anxiety."
―Zoophobia characters page

Cameron Walden is the protagonist of Zoophobia. A young woman with a crippling fear of animals, Cameron is the first person to arrive in Safe Haven without knowing its true nature.


Cameron is a freckle-faced red-haired young woman with pale skin.


Cam is kind, friendly, and a little shy. When she first arrived in Safe Haven, Cameron wasn't expecting a interspecies world and instantly started freaking out. After getting to know the inhabitants more, Cameron started feeling comfartable there even thanking Jack for not being scary during her session with him. Cameron is also very curious about Zill and other inhabitants.



Cameron is a young woman who only wants to get settled with a job.


Her Mom

She appeared to of had a good relationship with her mom, as indicated that she used to go camping with her as a kid.


Even though Cameron found KayCee to be a mysterious woman, she regarded her as a lifesaver for landing her a job. However, Cameron was unaware that KayCee, in reality, is a shapeshifting deity with ulterior motives.


When Cameron meet Zechariah for the first time she was afraid of him (via zoophobia), but later she started to be supportive of him.


When Cameron met Jackie for the first time, she thought that Jackie was a human. But when the avian woman revealed her giant bird form to Cameron, she found out that Cameron has zoophobia.

Jackson Wells

Cameron has a good student-teacher relationship with Jack. In her first session with him, Jack opened up to her about his personal life, his relationship with Zill, and his curse. In response, Cameron offered advice to Jack that would help him deal with his plethora of issues.

Kayla Christling

Although the two didn't interact much, they have a mutually respectful relationship.

Vanexa Pierce

Although the two didn't interact much, the two have a mutual relationship. On The First Day, Vanexa took Cameron to her new office.


When Cameron met Snake for the first time, she was a little bit curious about her.


When Cameron met Zill for the first time, she was a little bit curious about him. Cameron would later take Zill to the Nurse after Zill was attacked by Vampires.


When Cameron met Spam, he licked her face. And Cameron was confused about it.


  • Her surname Walden is of Saxon and German origin. Meaning she may have ancestry/derived from German chromosomes.
  • It is unknown what became of the guidance counselor who preceded Cameron.
  • Despite having zoophobia, Cameron is able to be around the Safe Haven residents whom she is comfortable talking to. She does however still freak out from encountering newer individuals, friendly and hostile alike.
  • Vivziepop once stated that if Zoophobia continued, Cameron would have multiple love interests.