Character Information
Book Debut Book 1 Chapter 1
Nickname Unknown
Personality Unknown
Appearance Unknown
Occupation Student at the Zoo Phoenix Academy
Alignment Good
Goal To find true love.
Home Safe Haven
Likes Pole dancing
Dislikes Her reputation
Allies Autumn (cousin)
Spring (cousin)
Summer (cousin)
Winter (cousin)
Enemies Baltimore


Biological Information
Age 21
Species Deer
Gender Female
Abilities Able to transform into a deer.

Camilla is known around ZPA as a "bad girl" of sorts and is actually the deer spirit of love and heart. However, she loves and lives to dance, and is very skilled at it as she tries to explore every form of dance. She works as a pole dancer, leads a girl gang with her two best friends, is close to her "Cousin" Autumn, adores all things burlesque, and was held back at ZPA for her lack of academic drive. She hates her bad rep with her gang and that everyone thinks she's "easy" to sleep with, and is actually a hopeless romantic under her tough shell.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She secretly envies the seniors for progressing through school, which reminds her of her choices; Kimberly, however, is the only one who shows admiration to her. Kimberly considers Camilla as a big sister of sorts, who tries to proudly take her under her wing.
  • It is implied that she becomes friends with Cameron at some point., who tries to help her with her sometimes crippling heartbreak.
  • She is quite shameless, which some condone, but others actually admire.
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