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Camilla Jimenez is a student at Zoo Phoenix Academy. Known around ZPA as a "bad girl" of sorts, Camilla is actually the deer spirit of love and heart. However, she loves and lives to dance, and is very skilled at it as she tries to explore every form of dance. She works as a pole dancer, leads a girl gang with her two best friends, is close to her "cousin" Autumn, adores all things burlesque, and was held back at ZPA for her lack of academic drive. She hates her bad rep with her gang and that everyone thinks she's "easy" to sleep with, and is actually a hopeless romantic under her tough shell.


Camillia has hot pink hair, brown skin and light pink eyes. She wears a dark red top and skirt, transparent leggings and white boots with a pink stripe


Jackson Wells

Camilla doesn't appear to be friendly with Autumn's fellow classmates. While Autumn is willing to stop bullies from making fun of Jack, Camilla doesn't seem to care at all about Jack shown when she purposely dumped a load of rubbish on top of him in Bad Luck Jack. However, when Camilla threw out the trash, she kept her eyes closed, assuming she hadn't noticed Jack's presence.



  • She secretly envies the seniors for progressing through school, which reminds her of her choices; Kimberly, however, is the only one who shows admiration to her. Kimberly considers Camilla as a big sister of sorts, who tries to proudly take her under her wing.
  • It is implied that she becomes friends with Cameron at some point, who tries to help her with her sometimes crippling heartbreak.
  • She is quite shameless, which some condone, but others actually admire.
  • From certain Vivziepop artwork, it's revealed that she has a crush on Addison.