Character Information
Book Debut Book 1 Chapter 3
Nickname -
Personality Moody with low self-esteem.
Appearance A blue haired teenage girl.
Occupation Student at ZPA.
Alignment Good.
Goal -
Home Safe Haven
Likes eating fish
Dislikes -
Allies Rusty - friend
Enemies -
Biological Information
Age 17 (?)
Species aquian (shark-shapeshifter)
Gender Female
Abilities shapeshifting into a shark

Christine is one of the minor bully in Zoophobia and she's Rusty's best friend.


Christine appears to be small teenager. Her eyes are neon blue, her skin is raceless white, and she have freckles. Her hair is messy and blue-colored, with few bright-blue stripes resembling waves. Wears a light-teal sweater and black boots with bright-blue outsole.


Rusty - Christine's best friend. They have been seen in few sketches and drawings hanging out with each other and joking around.

Autumn - she was seen with him in one sketch, but their relationship is unknown.


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