Character Information
Book Debut Book 1 Chapter 1
Nickname Dame
Personality Cheerful
Appearance A red jackal-like demon creature with a black top, furry tail and black eyes with red pupils.
Occupation The Prince of Hell & a student at the Zoo Phoenix Academy
Alignment Neutral
Goal To have Kayla to himself.
Home Hell
Likes Banjos
Dislikes Religious cults
Addison falling for men he barely met
Allies Addison
Jackson Wells (cousin)
Lucifer (father)
Major Styx
Mindy (maternal aunt)
Narissa (mother)
Enemies Bozzwick
Biological Information
Age 16
Species Demonic jackal
Gender Male
Abilities Levitation
Transform into a beast of hell

Information Edit

Damian is a 16 year old Anti-Christ, though he isn't as evil as his parents would like him to be, and is very laid back, always jumping at the chance to explore the overworld (Safe Haven), in his frequent efforts to indulge in a temporary escape from the depths of Hell. This is largely due to the restrictions placed on him by his father, the Devil, which kept him confined to his parents' castle in the underworld throughout the majority of his childhood. He has a crush on Kayla, despite the fact that she is in a relationship with Zill, and she runs away during every one of his attempted flirtatious encounters with her. Damian's closest friends are Addison and Sahara. Though Damian's parents cared for him deeply and nurtured him throughout his childhood, Damian was placed under the watchful eyes of both Tentadora and Major Styx from a very young age to ensure that he was kept out of trouble. He is often seen accompanying his cousin Jack during his time spent on the Zoo-Phoenix Academy's school grounds. He flirts with Addison, and is shown to be very clingy and protective of him, even going as far as becoming very openly jealous when Addison asks Gustav out only a short while after the two had met.

Villainous Record: Disrespecting heaven


Trivia Edit

  • Daemon is Greek for “Demon”.
  • Damian appeared in one of Vivziepop's videos called The Son of 666.
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