Character Information
Book Debut Book 1 Chapter 1
Nickname Unknown
Personality Wild and ferrous, but can also be gentle and nice to others including her friend
Appearance Book 1
Occupation Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Goal Unknown
Home Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Allies Krisstina
Enemies Unknown
Biological Information
Age 16-18
Species Unknown
Gender Girl
Abilities Sharp Claws, Acrobatic Abilities, And Feline Senses

A student of ZPA. As we know of she has a relationship or friendship with and other student in a few grouped photos. This student is Krisstina who helps and guides her in the tiny appearance in the comic series. They both appear in Book 1 and Book 2. The animal species is dictated unknown but, most believe its Tasmania Devil or to go far as a Lynx

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