Heather Hill
Character Information
Book Debut Unknown
Nickname Unknown
Personality Very polite, serious when it comes to work.
Appearance Unknown
Occupation Works at almost every place in Safe Haven.
Alignment Good
Goal To get work done.
Home Safe Haven
Likes To work.
Dislikes Procrastination.
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Biological Information
Age 25
Species Snake-shapeshifter
Gender Female
Abilities Unknown

Heather is a workaholic and works almost everywhere in Safe Haven.


Heather is slim woman. Her hair is light-brown with some brown highlights. Her eyes are light pink coloured. Wears light-brown shirt, brown shorts and brown ballerinas.


Heather is very polite and gentle. She is work-obsessed, so she gets all of her work done exeedingly efficiently. Knows everyone in Safe Haven somehow. She has no social life. Most of the Safe Haven residents try to get her out and about because most find her really beautiful and can’t believe she isn’t socializing more.


Heather's bio

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