Jackson Wells
Character Information
Book Debut Book 1 Chapter 1
Nickname Jack
Personality Sensitive, kind, & fearful.
Appearance A scruffy looking anthropomorphic dog.
Occupation Student at Zoo Phoenix Academy & Night watchman at the Safe Haven Observatory.
Alignment Good
Goal Unknown
Home Safe Haven
Likes Good luck, & star gazing.
Dislikes Bad luck, being bullied
Allies Cameron
Damian (maternal cousin)
Lucifer (maternal uncle)
Mindy (mother)
Narissa (maternal aunt)
Unnamed Father
Enemies Rusty
Biological Information
Age Unknown
Species Dog
Gender Male
Abilities Immortality

Jackson Wells, or more commonly called just Jack, is a anthropomorphic Jackal who lives in Safehaven and and attends Zoo Phoenix academy. When he was young he was cursed with not only immortality but also insanely bad luck. As he can still feel pain this leaves him very superstitious in hopes to avoid as much pain as he can.



  • Along with Zill, Kayla, Spam, & Vanexa. He is one of Vivienne's "Original Five" characters she created upon the early origins of Zoophobia's creation.
  • His singing voice will be provided by Don Daryl Rivera, who previously voiced the character Travis on Hazbin Hotel.
Original five

The Original Five.

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