JayJay BluJay Burdell, also known as Jiji, is a werewolf. She is the farmer of her own farm, and she loves to hang out with her allies, which includes Ke$ha. She is the queen of all of the wolves in the clan. When the night came, JayJay was in conversion of the queen's animal-self. She had animalized JayJay, and she became one of the monsterous wolves. A few weeks later, JayJay became a celebrater along with the werewolves the queen have earned the lucky feathers for the gift JayJay and the wolves are the celebraters of safe haven and they're still them during the sunlight for these transformations.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When the Hazbin Hotel characters were still part of the Zoophobia universe, Crymini was apparently an advisory to JayJay.
  • JayJay's original name was Jiji when Vivziepop changed it.
  • Jayjay is bisexual. Her love interest is a werewolf named Raven.
  • JayJay only has 1 golden tooth on her left teeth.
  • JayJay and Cameron are apparently BFF's.
  • JayJay and Raven are very close friends, though Raven does not know that JayJay has a crush on her.
  • JayJay's original creator, dollcreep, gave her rights to vivzie, therefore she is not completely her character.
  • Jayjay can be able to turn into human or animal in morning, sunset, nights,
  • "Blujay" and "Burdell" refer to Jayjay's bird feathers; her girls have theirs.
  • When asked on when fans will see the JayJay returns film, Vivziepop said that it is very low on her priority list right now. But maybe she'll do it again someday.
    • She also said she'd rather save up her money to maybe someday work with Ke$ha herself.
  • She was planned to appear in Book Two, before Vivziepop decided to reboot Zoophobia with better art and story flow.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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