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JayJay "BlueJay" Burdell is a werewolf. She is a farmer by day, and party animal by night. JayJay was turned into a werewolf by the Clan leader herself. She considers the feather earring she wears a good luck charm. Jay Jay also appeared in the Music Video Die Young.


JayJay is a werewolf with bright blue fur and bright pink and yellow hair. She wears golden bracelets, a red overalls with straps and golden buttons, an earring and feather earrings.






  • When the Hazbin Hotel characters were still part of the Zoophobia universe, Crymini was apparently an advisory to JayJay.
  • Prior to her redesign, JayJay was originally named Jiji, and was created by an artist called dollcreep.
  • JayJay has one golden tooth.
  • JayJay and Raven are very close friends.
  • When asked when fans will see the JayJay Returns film, Vivziepop said that it is very low on her priority list right now, but maybe she'll do it again someday.
    • She also said she'd rather save up her money to maybe someday work with Ke$ha herself for a JayJay video.
  • JayJay was planned to appear in Book Two, before Vivziepop decided to reboot Zoophobia with better art and story flow.