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KayCee was the mysterious job specialist who lead Cameron to Safe Haven for reasons yet to be revealed. She first appeared at the beginning of Book 1


KayCee is a young woman with white hair and tan skin. In her true form, her body is almost demon like and she has horns and her hair is flowing in all different directions.



KayCee is very fixated towards Cameron, who appears to be a key to something that is dire to her agenda.


KayCee is allies with Jestine. In the first version of Book, KayCee had an alliance with Jestine.



  • Originally in the first version of Book 1 was a deleted sequence that revealed KayCee's allegiance to Jestine. Vivienne most likely deleted this sequence from the old version of Book 1 in favor of making KayCee more mysterious until it was appropriate to reveal her motives.
  • It's unknown If she lives a double life in Cameron's hometown and the realm she originated from. She most likely took up a brief residence in Cameron's hometown until Cameron left for Safe Haven.