Character Information
Book Debut Unknown
Nickname Kipz
Personality cold
Appearance a light blue cat-like animal with white and black aptterns and red eyes
Occupation Unknown
Alignment bad
Goal Unknown
Home Annie's lab
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Allies Annie
Enemies Unknown
Biological Information
Age 4
Species Cat-robot hybrid
Gender Male
Abilities being extremely smart

Kipzie is Annie's first experiment.


Kipzie is a cat and robot hybrid. His fur is light-blue and white, with some black stripes. Kipzie's ears are black on the outside, and white inside. In his right ear he have some kind of sensor or something similiar to that. His eyes are hot pink colored and they are glowing. Kipzie's tail is very long.


He is a hybrid of animal and machine, his brain is like a computer so he is subject to viruses and glitches, but for the most part he is efficient and extreeeeeeemly smart. She didn’t really bother to program any emotion into him, so he is very cold and stone faced, sometimes a bit snooty when dealing with obviously less intelligent creatures, even others who are extremely smart just not as smart as him he sees as non-intelligent. speaks with a high pitched robotic-auto tune voice. often butts into conversations showing of his intellect. She also designed him to assist her with experiments so he is skilled with doing such things himself.


Kipzie's bio

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