Major Styx
Major styx
Character Information
Book Debut Book 1 Chapter 3
Nickname Pixie Styx (By Tentadora)
Personality Evil, busy.
Appearance A blue demon with yellow eyes, a military black coat with a red collar and endings, a skull necklace.
Occupation Serves as the head Major as the head guard of Hell.
Alignment Bad
Goal Assort all of Hell and it's residents to transform into militant civilians.
Home Hell
Likes Serving Lucifer.
Dislikes Damian and his antics, the flirtatious annoyance from Tentadora
Allies Damian, Lucifer, Narissa, Tentadora
Enemies Zechariah
Biological Information
Age 42
Species Furry demon.
Gender Male
Abilities Flintlock, biting.

A demon who serves Lucifer. Major Styx is head guard of hell in Zoophobia.

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