Character Information
Book Debut Book 1 Chapter 1
Nickname Unknown
Personality Unknown
Appearance An African teenage girl with long pink hair.
Occupation Student at Zoo Phoenix Academy
Alignment Good
Goal Unknown
Home Safe Haven
Likes Magic & Spell casting.
Dislikes Friends fighting
Allies Addison, Damian, Quintin (foster brother)
Enemies Unknown
Biological Information
Age Unknown
Species Human
Gender Female
Abilities Unknown

Sahara is one of the students of Zoo Phoenix Academy school.

Trivia Edit

  • She along with Addison & MacKenzie were adopted by their own foster families. Only thing that differentiates her from Addison & MacKenzie is that she has a foster brother Quintin.
  • She is named after the largest desert of the world. Either she did originated from the continent of Africa.
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