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Samuel “Spam” O’Brien is a red fox, a student of Zoo Phoenix Academy and a member of The Main Five. Spam loves to lick unsuspecting "victims" like Cameron or Vanexa.


Spam is an orange-white fox with turquoise eyes. In his original design, Spam was just an ordinary looking red fox with orange and white fur. He gained a more unique look in the short Bad Luck Jack, gaining dark blue rings on his arms, legs, tail, ears and muzzle between the white and orange fur. He also has several white spots on his head and tail.


Spam is fun if slightly annoying to some. In the original comics, he had a habit of lying in wait and licking people when they least expect it namely Cameron and Vanexa.

In the short film Bad Luck Jack, he is shown to have an interest in writing music and especially lyrics having wrote or co-wrote two of the songs in the short. He is also shown to be easily distracted as he stops fighting a monster with the group to sing about a bumblebee he saw. Despite this, he is shown to care a lot about his friends even willing to fight monsters to help them. One of the few times, Spam doesn't smile is when he thinks about his friends in pain and seeing them get hurt.

In the Silhouette video a new side of Spam's personality is shown. Spam, in fact, darkens and saddens to remember his dead father.



Despite their apposing personalities, Spam spends more time with Vanexa than he does with his other friends in the Main Five. He enjoys giving her surprise licks, Spam will also encourage Vanexa to say what she truly feels.


Out of his friends, Jack is the one who Spam gets on the most well with. Spam is grateful that Jack enjoys his songs and in return Spam is proud to call Jack his friend. Spam along with the rest of the Main Five won't hesitate to save Jack from harm, should Jack come apart in an accident, Spam will happily help in putting Jack back together. Spam also enjoys giving Jack comforting hugs and licks. When the group walk together, Spam will either walk next to or ride on top of Jack's head.


Like the rest of the Main Five, Spam is supportive of Zill and Kayla's romantic relationship, and is more than happy to make songs for them to perform together, which Zill thanks him for.


While Spam doesn't talk to Kayla as much as he does with the other members of the Main Five, he does enjoy listening to Kayla's stories and will follow her into battle without needing to be asked.


Spam and Damian have never interacted with each other. However when Damian ruins the Main Five show, Spam doesn't seem to be taking it personally. In a discarded Halloween special project, Spam makes fun of Damian for his Wizard costume.

Spam's Unnamed Father

Spam's father ( like the other members of Spam's family, with the exception of Scarlet ) has never appeared anywhere, however, in a sketch by Vivziepop, he is first presented. In the sketch, a young Spam happily observes his father ( with the other family members around them ) , but the latter instead stares at him contemptuously. Hinting that his father did not appreciate his son.


Agility: Spam proves to be very fast and agile in its movements. In the fight against the monster in Bad Luck Jack, Spam uses his agility to the maximum to confuse the enemy.

Camouflage: When Spam has to catch a victim by surprise with a lick, it always does it by surprise waiting for the victim to get distracted.


The Original Five.

  • Spam, along with the rest of the main five, was one of the first characters to be created for Zoophobia.
  • It is revealed in the music video Silhouette that Spam's father was killed by a pack of wolves.
  • According to Vivziepop's Pride Month piece, Spam is pansexual.
  • In a very old Vivziepop drawing, Spam is represented differently than it was usually represented in the canon; This version of Spam had to be bigger than normal. Originally it must have had ocher fur. The irises of his eyes were yellow, ominously pupilless. His face must have been painted with an eerie smile that would have scared his friends. [1]
  • Spam's character has a slight variation from comic to short; in the comic he seemed more childish and hyperactive; like the constant of him licking people or riding Jack's head while in his animated counterpart he already seems calmer but particular strange; he is more focused on songwriting and comics addifference, Spam actually talks more.
  • In the early concepts of Zoophobia, Spam had to have an even stranger personality than what has been seen in the comic or the short. This is demonstrated in one of the very first comics in which Spam after the ringing of the bell asks Mrs. Cide if he can take her medicines by swapping the bell with the ceiling. When the bell rings again Spam loses his head exclaiming "The School is Hunted".