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Vivienne Medrano, more commonly known as Vivziepop, is a Salvadoran-American animator and artist. She is the creator of Zoophobia.

Early Life

Vivienne was born and raised in Maryland. She studied at the School of Visual Arts and graduated in 2014. In 2012, she started creating a webcomic called "Zoophobia", a story about a human who started working in Safe Haven, a place where animals, demons, and other species lived in. The comic gained a quite big fanbase. On October 30, 2014, she uploaded on her Youtube account fan-animated music video, where her character JayJay sang Kesha's "Die Young" song. This video was watched over 34 million times, which (as she stated) "boosted her channel up".


In July 2016, she moved to California. Before she started developing the series, she worked as an animator in Internet series called "Too Loud!", created by Nico Colaleo.

Personal Life

She has one sisters named Maritza Medrano. Vivienne is the oldest. During the 2018 National Coming Out Day, she declared herself to be bisexual.



  • Why I Hate Phones (Short Film) (2009)
  • Still Waiting (Short Film) (2009)
  • Epix Sax Zill (Short Film) (2011)
  • Son of 666 (Short Film) (2013)
  • Die Young (Short Film) (2014)
  • Timber (Short Film) (2014)
  • The Most Wonderful Time (Short Film) (2014)
  • The Five Nights At Freddy’s Song (Short Film) (2015)
  • Silhouette (Short Film) (2016)
  • Allison (Shelved)
  • Hazbin Hotel (2019-ongoing)
  • Helluva Boss (2019-ongoing)
  • Holidaze (2019)
  • Bad Luck Jack (2020)


  • Too Loud (Web-Series) (2017)
  • The Dover Boys Re-Animated (Short Film) (2018)
  • Mystery Skulls Animated: Hellbent (Short Film) (2018)
  • Wonderful Ways To Say No (2019)
  • Dawgtown (character: Athena) (movie) (TBA)


  • Herself in Why I Hate Phones (Short Film) (2009)
  • Herself in “Doodle Doods” (Web-Series) (Family Guy episode)
  • Herself in Hand Drawn (Documentary)
  • Sarah in “Too Loud” (Web-Series) (Season 2)
  • Poopsie St. Pierre in “Ollie & Scoops” (Web-Series)
  • Cashier lady in "Helluva Boss" (Season 1, episode 1 "Murder family")
  • Keenie and Deerie in "Helluva Boss" (Season 1-ongoing)
  • Face Painter in "Eddsworld" ("Beaster Bunny")


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