Keepin' the party alive, day and night
Character Information
Book Debut Unknown
Nickname Unknown
Personality Celebratory
Appearance Slim, pretty young woman, olive green skin, green deer tail, deep green mass of flowing hair with purplish spots, deep purple horn, yellow-green eyes with pinkish iris, often wears green dresses with spotted patterns, along with thigh-high green and purple striped socks
Occupation Unknown
Alignment Neutral/good
Goal Unknown
Home Unknown
Likes Partying

Annoying Aphrodite

Dislikes Unknown
Allies Aphrodite
Enemies Unknown
Biological Information
Age Unknown
Species Shape-shifting wood nymph deer
Gender Female
Abilities Shape-shifting

A party going demon, Wynne (sometimes referred to as Wynnie) is an energetic and shameless powerhouse of spunk, dance and the occasional flirt. Sporting a pearly white grin and a mischievous, teasing look in her eyes, this wood nymph is quite the vexatious young woman, with her glowing aura only a fraction of her kind, beating heart of gold.


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