Character Information
Book Debut Unknown
Nickname Xin
Personality Sarcastic
Appearance White-haired teenager wearind a grey-pink hoodie
Occupation Student
Alignment Good
Goal Unknown
Home Safe Haven
Likes Playing electric guitar
Hanging out with musical students
Helping out tech crew
Dislikes Unknown
Allies Brandi - older sister
Sahara - friend
Enemies Unknown
Biological Information
Age 17
Species Mermaid (?)
Gender Female
Abilities Levitating(?)
Playing electric guitar

Xinith is one of the minor characters in Zoophobia and younger sister of Brandi.


Xinith appears as a tall teenager. Her hair is long and white, and her eyes are black with pink sclera. Wears grey and pink hoodie and dark-grey pants with white stripes. She also wears pink ballerinas and orange-pink scarf.


Xinith is a social outcast, likes to spend time alone. Often lurks around people, observing and studying them. Has a dry and sarcastic way of speaking. She enjoys hanging around the musical students, and helping out with tech crew.


Brandi - Brandi is Xinith's older sister, but it's unknown what relationship does they have.

Sahara - Sahara is Xinith's closest friend.



Xinith's bio

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