"No one truly knows where Zill came from, or even what he is. As a child, he was often teased for his appearance, which was deemed unusual even amongst the diverse inhabitants of Safe Haven. Despite the ridicule, Zill worked hard to build a reputation as a kind creature, a friend to many, and even at times, a protector of his city."
―Zoophobia characters page

Zillion, better known as Zill, is a member of The Main Five and an unknown creature in Zoophobia, although he is apparently some sort of chimera/demon hybrid. When he first met Jack, he was curious about him, not fazed at all about his curse. He is currently dating Kayla.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Zill is an orange creature with purple around the ends of his limbs, with a light green/turquoises snake tail and wings. His tail appears to be semi independent but often mirrors his mood and actions. In the short Bad Luck Jack he has neon green tipped ears and a single neon green stripe on the purple of his arms. When angered Zill is able to emit green light from his eyes as energy balls manifest around his paws.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Zill has a rather laid back personality but can be quick to anger when someone harasses his friends. He also is shown to be selfless willing to put himself between a stranger who wanted to fight and a vampire queen. In the short Bad Luck Jack he puts himself between all sorts of dangers to ensure Jack doesn't get hurt.

Zill is a loving boyfriend to Kayla though can be forgetful as he forgot about their three year anniversary and was instead planning to sing their favorite song at the talent show. He does show awareness though of his screw up and is crushed by it fearing but understanding why they might be over.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Natural Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Durability: Zill is shown to be rather resistant to damage. When preventing Jack from being hit by a wrecking ball he is smashed into a wall by it and only suffered a minor sprain to his wrist.
  • Flight: Zill's wings allow him to achieve flight, he has fairly good control able to fight while flying. He is able to achieve quite high velocities, able to fly as fast as a Vampire Queen.
  • Strength: Zill is shown to be fairly strong able to lift move a piano with ease and even stop a meteorite from hitting Jack.

Skillset[edit | edit source]

  • Bilingual: When first encountered by Jack, Zill was only able to speak Spanish. Over the years Jack helped him learn English well enough that Zill lacks any accent.

Unique Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Energy Blast: Zill is able to manifest energy based attacks from both his paws.He is mostly shown to use this in combat but the energy can start to manifest when he is angry.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Kayla[edit | edit source]

Kayla is Zill's girlfriend who he adores, the two becoming close over their shared love of doing musical performances. Zill Spends most of his free time with Kayla and always agrees with her. they both have a desire to save their friends from harm, Zill personally finds Kayla's fearsome determination to fight for her friends attractive and both fight well as a team. when problems arise, Zill always turns to Kayla for advice. The only time Zill will have an emotional break down is if he thinks he's disappointed Kayla in any way.

Jack[edit | edit source]

When Kayla is not around, Zill always hangs out with Jack. Zill considers Jack to be his best friend and the two always sit together when they are in shared classes. Knowing Jack since they were much younger Zill deeply cares for Jack and is always at the ready to defend Jack from bullies and help Jack with his curse even going as far as to protect him from his bad luck no matter how dangerous it gets for himself, at one point reassuring Jack that he was fine despite being crushed by a wrecking ball. Should Jack's situation be too much to handle alone Zill will round up the rest of the Main Five to help him save Jack and will help reassemble Jack if he's in pieces.

Spam[edit | edit source]

As a member of the Main Five, Zill enjoys Spam's company and is grateful for the Songs that Spam writes, especially praising the lyrics. Sometimes Zill finds Spam's mannerisms a bit odd but would never admit it.

Vanexa[edit | edit source]

Vanexa is the member of the Main Five who Zill hangs around with the least but is happy to fight beside her and they both agree that Jack is the most tolerable member of the group.

Rusty[edit | edit source]

Zill hates Rusty who bullies both him and Jack constantly, While Zill is able to ignore being called rude names by Rusty, he won't tolerate Rusty being horrible to Jack and will quickly defend his best friend, at one point threatening to use his powers against the bully. Zill takes great pleasure in seeing Jack humiliating Rusty by both reminding Rusty that he has no friends as well as calling Rusty by his real name of Ruben which Rusty hates.

Autumn[edit | edit source]

While Zill holds no ill will towards Autumn as they both dislike Rusty's bullying behavior. Zill does find the way Autumn and Rusty argue to be a little strange claiming that there's a lot of tension between them.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Original Five.

  • Along with Spam, Jack, Kayla & Vanexa, he is one of Vivienne's "Original Five" characters she created upon the early origins of Zoophobia's creation.
    • Out of the original five, Zill is the oldest of the group.
  • Despite being older than Jack, he is quite short compared to him, possibly measuring up to 5 '2" tall.
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