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This website was designed as an encyclopedia for Vivienne Medrano's (Vivziepop's) popular webcomic, Zoophobia. The storyline of Zoophobia starts off by following a young woman named Cameron Walden, who was in need of a job, prompting relocation which took her to the strange and colorful world of Safe Haven. Safe Haven is habited by many creatures ranging from animals and humans to mythical creatures and demons! The only problem, Cameron has - you guessed it!- Zoophobia, an absolute crippling and petrifying fear of animals! The comic's main cast consists of a variety of characters, over 100, actually, each with their own character arc and character development. There is no singular main character in ZP i.e., Cameron is in every book, with varying levels of importance in each.

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Book 1 Edit

Book one is, in essence, one very long introduction; Vivziepop states that it is much like a fantasy school story. It establishes the status quo for characters of the main cast, including the "Main Five" or "Original Five". Said five include characters Zill, Spam, Kayla, Vanex, and Jack (on occasion, Addison is added to the group).

(Summary of the revised book one to be added upon completion)

(NOTE: Viv has previously stated that she'll redo the webcomic from the beginning to improve/fix the old scenes and story plot)

Book 2 Edit

In the second book, the genre shifts to a more musical and film noir type, dealing with oppression and violent leadership. It is drafted that the story would follow mostly Kayla, and will be subtitled "Showtime".

(Summary of book two to be added upon completion)

Book 3 Edit

In book three, heavy storylines finally come into play.

Book 4 Edit

e I Book four is one of the shortest books and leans into a more supernatural, sci-fi genre.

Book 5 Edit

Finally getting into the dark stuff. It is when Xirxene's true nature is developed and the narration starts with Addison's story, back when he lived there.

Book 6-10 Edit

This book is mostly about mythology and other related topics.


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